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Varenavn   IMDC 2009  (ship design) - 10th Intenrational Maring Design Conference vol 1+2      
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    Table of contents          
    Volume 1          
  The FPSO story – from Petrjojarl 1 to floating LNG. Rolf Børresen and Kåre M. Gisvold          
  Cruise ships- Success factors for the design. Kai Levander          
  Climate change regulations – consequences for ship design in a challenging business environment. Jon Rysst and Eirik Nyhus.          
  Developments in marine design methodology: Roots, results and future trends. Horst Nowacki          
Seeing what’s next in design solutions: Developing the capability to build a
 disruptive commercial growth engine in marine design. Tore Ulstein and Per Olaf Brett
Design methodology – 1          
  A modular design method for an engine room based on an integrated network description and division algorithm. Tsuyoshi Koga, Takashi Niwa and Kazuhio Aoyama          
  A study of the main dimensions of self-elevating drilling units. Wang Yunlong, Ji Zhuoshang, Lin Yan and Deng Linyi          
  Advanced Simulations as design decision support. Karsten Fach and Volker Bertram          
  Novel and improved design – 1          
  Ballast-free ships: A new concept for resolving the ballast water management problem. Makoto Arai and Koki Kora          
  Design challenges for development of compressed natural gas carriers. James M. G. Weiss and Newton Reis de Moura          
  Design of a 142m RoRo-vessel. Tobias Haack and Hendrik Vorhoelter          
  Hydrodynamic design and hull design - 1        
A probabilistic approach for the minimum intact stability in following seas. Florian Kluwe and Stefan Krüger        
A study on motion responses of a mega container ship in seaways. Yoshiyuki Inoue and Kazutaka Ayada        
  Comparative studies on seakeeping performances of a wave piercing RoPax and a conventional one. Kazuya Maekawa, Tsutomu Momoki and Yoshiho Ikeda        
    Design methodology – 2        
    Design metrics for evaluating propulsive efficiency of future ships. A.F. Molland, S. R. Turnock and D. A. Hudson        
    Hullform comparison and selection during requirement elucidation in the concept stage of the ship design process. Tim McDonald and David J. Andrews        
  Hydrodynamic design and hull design – 2        
Design and analysis of dynamic positioning systems: Comparison between static and dynamic approaches. Eduardo A. Tannuri, João Luis B. Silva, Anderson T. Oshiro and Paulo Cesar Azevedo Jr.        
      Effect of thruster configuration on DP capability. Eivind Ruth and Asgeir J. Sørensen        
      Design methodology – 3        
    Intelligent ship arrangement (ISA) methodology improvements and capability enhancements. Anthony S. Daniels, Farah Tahmasbi and David J. Singer        
      Operation-based ship design and evaluation. Georg Eljardt, Lars Greitsch and Gabrielle Mazza        
    The impact of simulation on preliminary ship design. David Andrews and Richard Pawling        
    Novel and improved design – 2        
      Evaluation of an OPV design for the Colombian navy: Lessons Learnt. Oscar D. Tascon and Jorge E. Carreno        
    The CBX - replacement vessel for the combat boat 90. Erlend Vågsholm and Anders Martin Moe        
    Study of the optimum size for large bulk carrier standard ships in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. Lizheng Wang, Zhengbo Zhang, Mingyu Gan, Shunhuai Chen and Yan Jin        
    Hydrodynamic design and hull design – 3        
    Development of integrated design system for hullform, propeller and rudder. Sung-Woo Park, No-Joon Park, Yong-Wan Yu, Pyung-Kuk Lee, Tae-Young Byun and Wang-Soo Lee        
    Analysis of hydrodynamics forces and motions with high forward speed. Muniyandy Elangovan        
    Knowledge-based design systems - 1        
  A study on knowledge extraction of surveyor’s reports based on ontology. Hiroyuki Yamato, Kazuo Hiekata, Sho Tsujimoto and Jiro Matsuno        
  Developing feasible stowage plans by means of an evolutionary algorithm. Dieter Veldhuis, Herbert Koelman and Bart Nienhuis        
  Novel and improved design – 3        
  Emergency towing vessel, concepts for a new century of emergency towing. Ko Stroo and Robert Hekkenberg        
  Design for safety - 1        
  Design against collision: Half a century of research. Manolis Samuel Samuelides        
  Design for shipboard fire hazard assessment. Camille Azzi and Dracos Vassalos          
  Hydrodynamic design and hull design - 4        
  HiLoad DP, a dynamically positioned loading terminal, with a daring design and challenging construction. Tor Kvillum and Knut Erik Johansen          
  Original ideas of using physics for ship hull stern hydrodynamic performances improving. Horatiu C. Tanasescu and Ovidiu H. Tanasescu          
  Impact of hull design on added resistance in waves - application of the enhanced unified theory. Masashi Kashiwagi        
  Volume 2        
  State of art reports        
  State of the art report on design methodology. David Andrews, Apostolos Papanikolaou, Stian Erichsen and Sojan Vasudevan        
  State of the art report on design for X. Apostolos Papanikolaou, Poul Andersen, Hans Otto Kristensen, Kai Levander, Kaj Riska, David singer, Thomas A. Mckenney and Dracos Vassalos        
  Knowledge-based design systems - 2          
  Rule-based and geometric construction connections for the marine industry. Igor Juricic          
  Quaestor: Taxonomy-based compositional modeling and product configuration. Martin Th. van Hees          
  Visualization of ship design process applying group decision-making. Alan Klanac and Darko Frank          
  Design for safety 2          
  On the evaluation of the safety level of the Stockholm agreement. Stefan Krüger and Hendrik Dankowski          
  Risk assessment of ship designs – from global to regional. Fujio Kaneko and Takako Kuroda          
  SAFEDOR – the implementation of risk-based ship design and approval. Christian Breinholt, Karl-Christian Ehrke, Carole Pavaut, Pierre C. Sames, Rolf Skjong, Tom Strang and Dracos Vassalos          
  Ship propulsion and machinery systems design          
  Optimization of propulsion systems for modern LNG carriers considering multiple technology and design alternatives. George G. Dimopoulos and Christos A. Frangopoulos          
  The inclined keel concept – resistance analysis. Kwang Cheol Seo, Mehmet Atlar, Ho-Hwan Chun and Hee-Jung Kim          
  Design optimization - 1          
  A study on the minimum weight design of corrugated bulkhead for bulk carrier based on common structural rules. Seoug-yong Kim and Sang-Hoon Shin        
  Parametric design and optimization of high-speed, twin-hull RORO-passenger vessels. Sotiris Skoupas, George Zaraphonitis and Apostolos Papanikolaou          
  Ship classification          
  Analysis and verification of ship systems. Stian Ruud and Karl Hovden          
  TIS – a smart PDM solution for the class approval process in the shipbuilding industry. Sabastian Daniel Bade, Alex Ehrler and Wiegand Grafe          
  Design optimization - 2          
  Multi-objective optimization of ship structural topology and scantlings. Vedran Zanic, Jerolim Andric, Pero Prebeg, Stanislav Kitarovic and Karlo Piric          
  Computer applications in design          
  Development and utilization of advanced computational tools to help us select field development solutions. Gudmund Olsen, Gudmund Kleiven and Sigurd Teigen          
  PLM - an enabler for global project collaboration. Tore Brathaug, and Johannes Storvik          
  Fleet design and maritime logistics - 1          
  A mathematical programming model for scheduling anchor handling vessels. André Bergsten Mendes, Marco Antonio Brinati and Miguel Cezar Santoro          
  Applying a robust design approach to strategic fleet planning in liner container shipping. Emmanuel Querrec          
  Designing robust maritime logistics systems – A real options approach: General Discussion. Christian Winge and Bjørn Egil Asbjørnslett          
  Sustainable design - 1          
  Energy efficiency parametric design tool in the frame of holistic ship design optimization. Evangelos K. Boulougouris and Apostolos D. Papanikolaou          
  Engineering options to reduce emissions. Volker Bertram, Karsten Fach, Pierre Sames and Volker Höppner          
  Innovation-based modular ship design in a global value chain perspective. Annik Magerholm Fet, Øystein Moen, Tore Ulstein and Egil Rensvik          
  Fleet design and maritime logistics - 2          
  Evaluation of maritime transportation plan among factories considering delay risk. Hiroshi Matsukura, Michelle Buen-Tumilba, Kohei Kakuda and Hiroyuki Yamato          
  Ship emissions: Logistics and other tradeoffs. Harilaosn N. Psaraftis and Christos A. Kontovas          
  Structural design - 1          
  Application of advanced double hull technology to short sea shipping vessels. D. R. Broderick and N. H.Wright          
  Automated error detection in steel structural design. Robert Bronsart, Wolfgang Sucharowski, Diane Sinter and Andreas Geitmann          
  Fatigue strength verification of longitudinal stiffener connection to web frame – DNV class notation PLUS. Geir Olav Ranestad Kaase          
  Marine design education          
  An integral re-design of ship production education. Robert Hekkenberg, Jeroen Pruijn, Johan Spaans and Leo van der Velde          
  TEKNOSTART: An introductory subject for students of marine technology. Liv Randi Hultgreen and Bjørn Sortland          
  Structural design - 2          
  Automatic selection of CFD-based design loads for the FEM analysis of ship structures. Henner Eisen, Jörg Rörup and Manfred Scharrer          
  Comparative study of strength assessment procedures used by the classification societies. A. Theodoulides, C. G. Politis, M. G. Gerardis and I. N. Ergas          
  Design methodology 4          
  Design of high performance craft from a human factors perspective. D. J. Taunton and D. A. Hudson          
  Sustainable design – 2          
  Methodology to assess the energy efficiency and the environmental performance of maritime logistics chains. Haakon Lindstad and Odd Torstein Mørkve          
  Structural design - 3          
  Numerical and experimental investigations of simple 2-D geometries in slamming. Adrian Constantinescu,Aboulghit El Malko Alaoui, Alain Neme and Philippe Rigo          
  Progressive failure of composite panels in ship hulls. K. Misirlis, J. Downes and R. S. Dow          
  Sustainable design – 3          
  Future CO2 emissions: Outlook and challenges for the shipping industry. Magnus S. Eide, Øyvind Endresen and Tore Longva          
  Developing a tool for eco-design and environmental impact monitoring in operation for the maritime sector. Marion Prinçaud and Alain Cornier          
  Offshore systems design          
  Design of conceptual offshore systems based on numerical model-basin simulations. Henrique M. Gaspar, Carlos Fucatu and Kazuo Nishimoto          
  Design of an innovative FPSO-TLWP coupled system based on the numerical offshore tank (TPN) methodology. Fabiano Rampazzo, Edgard B. Malta, Rafael A. Watai, Roberto E. Cruz and Kazuo Nishimoto