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Bøker   AquaLingua            
Title AquaLingua      
Lydbøker     Type of goods Book      
      Price NOK 260,-            
Cd-rom     ISBN 13 978-82-529-2389-6       ISBN 10: 82-529-2389-5            
      Author Stein Mortensen (ed.)            
Video     Pages 128            
      Language English, French, Norwegian            
Plansjer     Binding Paperback            
AquaLingua   AquaLingua is a different kind of dictionary, which presents             
    various aquaculture productions in English, French and          
Om forlaget   Norwegian. The topics include biology. technology and farming          
    of salmon, marine fish species, crustaceans and molluscs.          
    AquaLingua CD-rom contains hundreds of exerpts and spoken              
Startsiden   examples of words and sentences from the book .            
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